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SociGem will put faster product creation in your hands.  With it you’ll be able to create small, easily sellable “mini-micro-offers” perfect for the audience we’ll introduce you to on the call.

HOWEVER… if you REALLY want to see faster results, higher launch figures and the ability to grow an audience craving more of your creations – you want entire sales funnels

Which Is Why You NEED The AIEFM Program

In Depth Start To Finish ‘JVZoo Style’ Products

This has been our most popular training (so far….!) that shows you how to create everything you need to create all sales copy for a lead magnet funnel, create the lead magnets and even traffic tools. 

You’ll be able to use this together with the SociGEM offers you build to turn those SociGEM offers into complete launch-ready products! 

This product was created because I was extremely frustrated by the ‘FAKE’ make money systems online.   

You know the ones … promising the world at the snap of your fingers.    

You know… there is NO ‘click a button and make magic millions’ method out there. 

YES… there are systems and software tools that can help you speed up the process (like SociGEM)

YES… there are methods you can follow to avoid the pitfalls and see your results faster (like this and SociGEM! <3) 

When push comes to shove, the ONLY THING that is going to really make a difference and have you see results is if you: 

[+] Find something that is proven to work 
[+] Know what to do to make it work for you 
[+] Actually take the steps to make it work 

Which is why I created SociGEM and this AIEFM system. 

The Internet does NOT have your best interests at heart when it comes to helping you succeed.  Everything you see and do is gamed to grab your attention, train your brain towards ADHD behaviours and shiny object syndrome.

So maybe you’ve bought things that didn’t work the way you expected, so you got distracted by something else, then try a new thing and get derailed by something else unexpected.   

Before you know it, another 3, 6, 12 months has passed and you’re sitting at a pretty disaster looking ground zero and hating yourself for it.

Can you see???… it’s NOT your fault…!    Seriously…! 

The Way Online Marketing Works


When you’re searching for something online, you’re looking for a solution to your problems 

NOT a bunch of fake reviews (from family, friends, or made up entirely), or just some emotionally charged pipe dream that will never work

You want a fix that works.

In the AI Elevation Funnel System replay and materials I’ll show you a better way.

You’ll discover exactly how to: 

– Meet people’s needs in a way that makes them truly HAPPY to pay you
– Create something that brings VALUE to the world, not just clutters up the internet
– Breathes new life and energy into the time you’re investing online 
– Might challenge you just enough to make you feel alive again, experiencing the rewards more fully!
– Is automated, scalable and re-produceable in any niche

So grab your copy of the AIEFM system to discover how you can live a marketing life with integrity, with purpose and in a way that grows and builds your legacy for future generations – much faster than you could have ever believed possible! 

Using our ChatGPT prompts, as we go through it live in the replay making every step of the way amaaaazing. 

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Your SociGEM training is coming – however, you’ll get INSTANT access to the AI Elevation Funnel System when you upgrade today inside yur members dashboard.  In there we’ll have preparation instructions for the SociGEM event so you can be ready to recreate everything you thought you knew about running a successful online business (with a method that’s proven to work!) as well as the replays for AIEFM so you can really get a taste of whats to come with SociGEM

This isn’t a ‘push button’ magic offer.  This is a REAL, “make the magic happen” kind of method we’ll guide you through every part, with something so amazing on the other side I really hope you join us and see what being an online marketer and lifestyle entrepreneur really is all about!

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